Questions about python & FTP


I’m working on a WR31-l12A and i was wondering is it possible to upgrade python version ? the version installed is the 2.6 and the ones we use are 2.7 or 3.4.

Another question about Getting files with FTP, i saw that we can use a python script in a TFTP server, I’m thinking about downloading a file for the software update by FTP but didn’t find anything about this, is it possible to use FTP or SFTP ? can i make the download bandwidth limited to not disturb the communication ?

Thanks !

You cannot update the version of python as this would need modifications to handle SAROS.
you are stuck with the version on the router.

you can use the FTPLIB in python to transfer file

there is no easy way in SAROS to reduces limit bandwidth there is QOS functionality but you would have to be able to manage QOS connection out side of the router as well



try this simple python ftp client , using ftplib