FTP NLST command not working on WR44 FTP server

I would like to use the FTP server functionality of my WR44R to act as a storage area for some binary files for a remote device. The remote device would look at the FTP server for updated binaries, and if newer, fetch the file and re-programme itself. The file name contains a version number. This way I can send out new files to the WR44 and the remote device will automatically get updated. I’ve had this working perfectly on someone else’s router…

The problem I am having with WR44 is that any wildcard file searches fail to work. My software uses the NLST command, and the WR44 seems to respond incorrectly, I am not getting the expected list of files that match the wildcard. The same happens if I try from a PC, so it’s not my remote device code at fault.

I need to do a wildcard search since I don’t know what the newest file will be named…

Any ideas?


Please contact Digi Technical Support.

The answer to this was:

The FTP NLST command does not support filenames, it is a directory listing command. Trying to specify a filename after the NLST command won’t work on SarOS routers. Modification to this command will require a firmware change.
If you just send the NLST command you’ll see the full directory listing, you could then process the full list and check for the filename you’re wanting rather than a filtered list. Can you do this?

Customer confirmed this was a suitable solution.