Rabbit 2000 processor program erased by itself, have anyone experinced this issue.

We have used several Rabbit boards in our product last year we found some processor are erased at site, reprogramming same board works fine, unable to understand why it happens

Is this happening with a production unit in the field, or while you’re debugging with Dynamic C?

Can you provide some additional details? What version of Dynamic C? Does you application write to flash?

Actually we just program boards and use it in our product, this has failed at customer site.

Which core module? Does your program ever write to the flash (perhaps the UserBlock area?)

To what extent has it been erased? If you have a module that’s failed, can you try using the “extract_flash.c” sample (link below) to download a copy of the full flash contents, and compare that to the expected .bin file to see if it’s the entire flash, or just a critical area (e.g., the first page) that’s been erased. Or maybe it’s not an erased page, but a single bad byte?


The Windows app “Beyond Compare” is good at comparing binary files.