Dynamic C Rabbit Extract software

Is it possible to extract and open the software, off of a rabbit controller?

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Take a look at this Knowledgebase How to extract program from flash with Rabbit modules | Digi International

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Good information! Note that the versions on GitHub have some updates to fix problems on various target devices (e.g., RCM3710).

The extract_flash.c sample can only extract a copy of the flash contents. You’ll end up with a .bin file that you can use with RFU (Rabbit Field Utility) to program other boards, but it won’t be source code that you can modify and re-compile.

When extracting the flash contents, what is the name on that .bin file?
Does it give it a generic name?
This is my first-time extracting flash contents.
Thank you

Read the comments at the start of the program for instructions on how to use it. There’s an assumption that you already know how to use Dynamic C 9 (for Rabbit 2000/3000 products) or 10 (for Rabbit 4000/6000 products) and have the appropriate programming cable.

What are your goals for extracting the firmware from the flash? Which product is this?