make bin file by reading image

I have Rabbit 300 modules. I use RFU to load .bin files. I’m not developing but an end user of a product. I would like to copy an image from one module to another. Is there a tool to read out a flash and save as a bin file?

Careful, I doubt if anybody would help you with this problem. This is the same line someone would use that is trying to steal someone else’s design. Im not saying that is your goal, but a better approach would be to get permission from the developer first and get the bin file directly from him.


I am also looking for a way to read back a flashed RCM3200. I have legacy hardware that seems to work, but not sure of the version of code that was loaded. If you have any solutions, I would appreciate hearing from you.


As I have said, I unfortunately cannot help you. I would suggest you contact the owner of the code and its IP, and get the bin file directly from him.
If he doesn’t want to give you his code, then you have no right to copy it from the processor.

If you only want to discover the version of firmware loaded in the Rabbit flash, and assuming you know where to look for some kind of version number in flash, you can dump memory using Dynamic C. You should know how the memory map is set up to know where to look in memory for something that identifies the version.

This is not going to be useful to allow you to copy firmware and make a binary file. You are reading a raw memory dump.

Of course the program needs to contain some kind of version number in its design.