Backup source rabbit 3315

I would like to backup my rabbit 3315, I no longer have the source code. Could someone describe me in detail how to do it?thanks

There is a program that extracts the entire flash content or just the firmware. This is available at Digi’s website under 9.62A release. You can find the latest release below;

Is also available on Dynamic C 9.62 github,

The program runs in ram and does a dump of the flash or firmware in the device, whichever you specify. So you should NOT compile it to flash because it will erase whatever is in flash, it will need to be compiled to RAM.

You will need a programming cable part# 20-101-1183 to extract the flash and Dynamic C programming environment. Your module will need to be connected to a development board or your own hardware. Follow the instructions provided in the extract_flash program located in the following path once you install Dynamic C’s development environment; C:\DCRABBIT_9.62A\Samples\extract_flash.c

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thank you so much for your kind reply.
Although very late, only now for personal reasons have I returned to the question.
I tried as the file indicates, but I can’t get any kind of backup.
Is there a more detailed guide?

Where should I put the command(C:\DCRABBIT_9.62>dccl_cmp Samples\extract_flash.c)?.
Would there be someone who would be kind enough to connect remotely and help me?

Thanks a lot for your support

That’s a command you execute from the command-line (cmd.exe). After launching cmd.exe, change to the Dynamic C directory (cd \DCRABBIT_9.62A) and then run the command-line compiler (dccl_cmp Samples\extract_flash.c).

That sample program lists command-line parameters to pass into dccl_cmp. You’ll direct the base64-encoded output of the program to a file that you can then convert to a binary image.