Rabbit Field Utility inconsistency

I distribute an application written for the RCM 3110.

I have previously shipped it with RFU version 233a
I updated to RFU 3.02 that I send to my clients.

When my client opens the folder looking for the flash image to load he sees something indicating that the RFU wants a “Rabbit System User Program” or “*.UPL” file.

It should be looking for a “*.BIN” file. BIN files are not an accepted file type according to him.
The same RFU on my PC looks for the proper BIN file.

Any ideas what is happening on his side and how would I have him fix it so that he can load my BIN file.

I’m not an engineer so I’d appreciate dumbing it down a bit.

Thanks in adavance.

My customer randomly clicked every option available and clicked “Load through RabbitSys”.

Once that was un-checked, it could find the BIN file.