RFU download utility 3.05

I am using Dynamic C version 9.62 & Rabbit Field Utility 3.05. Also I am using rabbit module RCM3100.

I am trying to load my program in rabbit 3000 processor using RFU.
I have created a .bin file & tried downloading program with RFU using following steps.

  1. Compiled the project with Compile mode as “Compile defined target configuration to .bin file” & selecting appropriate target (RCM3100 512K SRAM, 512K Flash) in target-less options in project settings. Also included the default rabbit bios while compiling.
  2. After creating .bin file, downloaded it using RFU(version 3.05) after setting the appropriate coldload.bin, pilot.bin & flash.ini file paths.
  3. While downloading messages “Sending Coldloader”, “Sending Pilot Bios”, “Erasing Flash” & “Sending Program” respectively were displayed.
  4. After download was complete, removed the programming cable & cycled power to rabbit module to reset it.


  1. After resetting rabbit module, program did not execute.
  2. Are there any more options or settings that are required?

Kindly guide me to download my program using RFU.


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Hi , I have checked on my board . it is working for me.

try to compile and load the sample application FLASHLED2.C from the path C:\DCRABBIT_9.62\Samples\RCM3100

  1. open the file FLASHLED2.C from the Dynamic C 9.62

  2. Click on Options–>project options–>Compiler –>Bios memory setting as code and Bios in flash,

  3. From the targetless –>select RCM3100 then click on OK

  4. Click on Compile–>compile to bin file –>Compile to flash

  5. Load the FLASHLED2.bin file through the RFU 3.05

Check the DS1 and DS2 (two leds will blink), remove the PROG cable and reset the board , it should work.