Usin RFU and clRFU

I’m using DC 10.66 with an RCM6700, and RFU v4.62, that comes with
DC. Both the RFU and clRFU works fine as long as DC is installed on
the PC. If I take either the RFU or clRFU to a PC that does not have
DC installed, I am unable to program the RCM6700.

I have copied the entire contents of DCRABBIT_10.66\Utilities to the
PC and all the *.bin files in DCRABBIT_10.66\Bios to the PC, and put
them all in the same directory along with my application bin file.

The RFU gives error message: “failed to load image”
The clRFU doesn’t give an error message. But the screen printout is as

>Sending Coldloader
>363 of 254129 bytes sent
>Sending Pilot BIOS
>3887 of 254129 bytes sent
>Elapsed Time: 9.578 seconds

The clRFU never downloads my bin file.

The clRFU commandline is:

clrfu myapp.bin -s 1:115200 -cl .\coldload.bin -pb .\pilot.bin -v -vp-

Anyone know the secret to get the clRFU working on a PC that doesn’t
have Dynamic C installed on it?

I am not using a USB port on the PC, just straight serial. I am not using
a USB adapter. And I have the “Use USB to serial converter” option on
the RFU unchecked.

FYI, I’ve been using the RFU and clRFU for Dynamic C v7.xx,8.xx, and
9.xx for years successfully. Using the very same process as above. So
I am not a novice at this.
Something is different with this new stuff. And I can’t find any
documentation on the Digi website about this, which is not unusual. It is
the worst website for getting information I’ve had the misfortune to use.