Rabbit HostName

Hi all,

I searched through the forums for an answer, and couldn’t find one, so if anyone has experience with this, it would be appreciated if you could help me out.

Our application on the Rabbit 3700 is used with TCP/IP. At present we have to configure each Rabbit with a static IP address at each clients site. The problem is to get IP addresses from their IT depts. So, I would like to use DHCP with the Rabbit.

Here is the problem. I have run the DHCP example program, and the rabbit is assigned and IP address, but, I know about the IP address on my test bench because I see it on the screen. However, in the real world, I won’t have this luxury. How do I connect to my remote Rabbit over the network? Can I set it up with a hostname (or friendly name, or whatever the correct term is), and access it via the DNS?

If so, does anyone know how, or what documentation I should be looking at?

Thanks for the help,