rabbit net distance

We have developed a program using the BL2600 and 2 RN1100. Need to place the RN1100 boards 200 feet from the BL2600. (using them as remote I/O in 2 different locations) Rabbit net is limeted to 10 meters. Has any one use a black box device to extend the range of the rabbbit net?

I would think you could go 200+ ft using Cat5 not Cat5e.
You could just put two connectors on a roll of Cat5 and test it.

I tested today using CAT 5E (wth cable laying on concreet parking lot)- Ok at 50 feet jumped to 100 feet and lost connectitivity .Would CAT6 cable would have any distance gain because of it’s design? What confuses me is that Rabbit states it network to be a RS-422 design. When I see RS-422 I think 4000 feet.:rolleyes: