more than 2 R/Net devices ?

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I need lots of TTL in and some drivers out. I would like to hook up about four rabbit net I/O cards :slight_smile: . However, it seems there is no hub product yet, and the “network wiring” appears to be point-to-point. :confused:

“A typical RabbitNet system consists of a master single-board computer and one or more peripheral cards.” (The BL2500 handles one and BL2600 handles two max.)

With all due respect Steve, perhaps a more descriptive name would be “rabbit ambilical”. $250 is high overhead for each master controller…

What can I do? I desire 10 feet between nodes, comms rs485-like characteristics. What is in the near future?

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*the other brian

There is a RabbitNet Hub available, but not made by Rabbit directly. It is made by a third party partner and can be found at:

There is also the option of building a hub into your product using the new RIO chip. This chip has the ability to be configured as the heart of a RabbitNet hub, and only needs the RS-422 transceivers and a clock source as external components to create up to a 7 port hub.