Rabbit RCM2100 module Prog Util

Hi Group,

I have a RCM2100 module with a program cable
and RFU 2.45 (ZWorld)

I can write code to the module.

Which Utility is available to Read code
from the RCM2100?

Any web-links or Utilities or my options?

Thank you for your feedback.


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To the best of my knowledge, there is no tool is available to read code from RCM2100.

Thank you.

There is no way to recover the original source code of a program in an RCM2100 as the only code stored in the memory is the compiled code.

If you need to copy the code to put it in another board, there is a very slim chance that the Rabbit Cloning board could be used to do this but the code would have to have been compiled with that option enabled which means in reality it is unlikely to work as this feature is disabled by default…


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