RabbitWeb - auto page refresh - Run Time Error: Out of memory address 0c:0000

I’m new to the Rabbit so I may be doing something silly.
I am building a RabbbitWeb example - RabbitGeek\Workbook Samples\CH12. After the web page refreshes about 1000 times, the Rabbit stops with “Run Time Error: Out of memory address 0c:0000”.
I am using Dynamic C 10.66 on an RCM6700.
I went back to the examples after I realised my own web server was stopping after around 1000 page refreshes. If I don’t refresh the page, the web server does not stop. I am using auto refresh i.e. .
Any ideas?

I think in your application some static memory causing the problems, look at the below document this is having some memory usage tips on Rabbit modules, i think it will help you


The Digi example code has the same problem as my application. Whenever a zhtml web page is refreshed around a thousand times, the code crashes.

The only explanation that makes sense to me is that zhtml/RabbitWeb has a memory leak.

Hi Rob, can you tell me which Digi example code has the same problem? how can i reproduce this issue. If this is the problem ,we can directly report to Digi technical team