Automatically Restart Problem

I am new to Rabbit Microcontroller & Dynamic C Compiler.
We are using RCM3700 and Dynamic C V9.62 .

One restart problem suddenly introduced in my code. When I start the device, it suddenly restart. I think this may be “stack overflow” or similar problem.

I think debugging with the “Dynamic C IDE” will be the best options. But when I send “run” command, the “bin” file programmed successfully but after that gives the following error:
While Debugging: Timeout while waiting for response from target.

Please provide me some online help to learn debugging in Rabbit using Dynamic C.


My flash size shown on the Rabbit Field Utility is around 189614 bytes.
I just read about USE_2NDFLASH_CODE. Is my flash size will be 256K or 256X2 K?
Please give me some hint, whether this could be the problem of flash for Runtime-Storage data?

Where can I enable USE_2NDFLASH_CODE? And is there any things else I need to consider?


Hi ,

This is not the problem with your code size , your code size is 189KB.
You have to select Enable debug kernel from the debugger tab under option–> project options .

You can find how to do Debug in Dynamic C in 10.64 from this link.