Trouble while debbuggin

Hi all:

I�m having several troubles while debugging my program with DC 9.62 and RCM3229.

I wish to know if is there some known issue about debugging large programs, since that is one of the features of my program.

The errors that constantly appear are:

  • Timeout while waiting response
  • Bad packet
  • Abnormal termination of the program
  • And sometimes the IDE inadvertently closes without any message.

I have reduced the debugger capabilities to make my program fit on memory (reduce max breakpoints and max expressions).

The problem seem to increase in the case that the program stop its execution due to a breakpoint.

I have tried the option Run whit no polling and the program seems to work fine until it reaches a breakpoint, or when I try to reset it, in that cases some of the errors listed above appears.

I also have tried whit the Execution trace utility, but it only seems to increase the problem (the program goes very very slow) and it�s giving me no relevant information.

I have tested the communication cables and it seems to be fine.

When I enable stack tracing I can see that there are too many calls to function dkHandleRST18() of the DKENTRY.LIB wich I don’t know if it’s a normal behavior, also I can see some calls to spa_isr() and dkRestoreContext() functions, again, I don’t if is the normal behavior

Thank you in advance.

What I can report is on one of my projects reaching 350k lines of code, the program and debugging functionality is working without any of the errors you have mentioned.

I do get sometimes in a library of mine that the IDE will place a breakpoint at the wrong location, but the rabbit will stop execution at the wrongly placed breakpoint, and return to execution if I tell it to. I suspect that this is due to the library header file or function descriptions might not be written absolutely correctly.

What I can suggest is for you to make certain your libraries is written correctly, and that your function declarations are done correctly like Dynamic C wants it.

Other than that it might be a standard program bug like watchdog timeout, or pointer overflow etc.


Thank you for response.

In the Debugger Tab of the Project Options dialog box I have enabled the watch expresions and increment the watch memory and that seems to fix the problem.

Thank you again.