Radius Authentication for Cisco Switch connected to Digi CM

I have a brand-new Digi CM 32 that I am configuring for our network. We will be using it to manage Cisco gear. We are using Windows 2008 Network Policy Server to administer device access to the network. When the switch is connected directly to the network, it has no trouble hitting the Radius server and I am able to authenticate. However, when I set it up to be managed via the DigiCM, it’s not hitting the server (verified with Wireshark). On the network, the switch is managed at x.x.x.200. On the Digi, I’ve created an address of x.x.x.251. I can ping the device’s digi address with no issue and I am able to use Radius authentication when I initially login to the Digi. Is there a document out there that explains the basics of setting this up. I’m stumped at this point.

I figured this out. It doesn’t look like the CM has a mechanism for relaying Radius traffic from a host with an alternate IP to the radius server. Being an OOB MGMT device, it’s only going to be used for emergency purposes and therefore doesn’t need anything besides an account on the switch itself.

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