How can I access Digi CM 32 device from outside the subnet?

Greetings, we have a Digi CM 32 for which we had to change the IP address and once it was done we lost access to it. After a factory reset and configuring the IP address, default gateway and subnet mask I was able to ssh to the device again from a router within the same subnet. However, from a jumppoint that we have, I can ping the digi device but I won’t get a prompt to my ssh attempts (it will fail to “Connection timed out” after 2 minutes, I am however able to connect to another device that is using an IP fron the same subnet than the Digi device and from that same jumppoint. We checked our firewall and it is correctly configured. I checked different things like the the IP filtering settings but I don’t see anything wrong, settings on the Digi CM 32 device have not changed since I’ve set it to factory default, apart from the IP details and the admin password. Is there something that I have to locally configure on the device in order to access it from outside the subnet? Thanks in advance!