Disablinng SSH/Telnet on Digi CM

I need to disable SSH and Telnet on several DIGI CM devices.

I have looked at Article Number 000002048 and I have several questions:

  1. To reset just this from the web interface, can I somehow access a command window?
  2. If I need to “factory default the unit” can I do it from the web interface without loosing the IP address? I’d hate to try to get someone to find and connect to it in a remote location to roll back a change. They don’t know where all of them are.
  3. Can I use the Web Interface and go to Network >> IP Filtering and just select “Disable” there and perform an equivalent action, prevent all incoming SSH and Telnet?

Thanks for your time

That article is very old and I should remove it. In later firmware rev’s we made it much easier to disable telnet/SSH. Via the web is located here:
System admin-> Security profile-> System security

  1. You cannot access the command window from the web UI. You must directly login to the command line via telnet/SSH/CM console port.

  2. Yes. You can reset everything except IP, or sections of configuration. That is located here:
    System admin-> Config management-> Config import
    From there you select “Factory default” for location.
    Then under “Config selection” check “Select all”. This will select all options except “Including IP config” so that your IP, Gateway, sub mask will not be defaulted.
    Then select “Import”.

  3. See my reply to #1.

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