CM Firmware v1.7.0 changes

I upgraded my CM32 to v1.7.0. Now when I enter ^G and x to exit a port the switch disconnects the ssh or telnet session. The old firmware would take me back to the menu again.

As anyone else seen this? This certainly is not what is wanted.

BTW - I use and really love the Phantom card support for my Rackable System servers.


The only change would be in upgrading OpenSSH.

To further diagnose we would need more details:
–What telnet/ssh client are you using?
–Are you using the custom or port access menu?
–From your client do you access the CM and login as a user (socket 22/23)? Or do you directly access the port access menu (7000)?
–Does it do this for both telnet & ssh?

If this gets to involved, please submit an email support request via or web.

I am not able to duplicate anymore see second paragraph but here are the answers to your questions…

Telnet/ssh client - Putty Release .55
Menu - Port Acess
Access - I ssh to CM, login as user and select from port menu
Replicate - Both ssh and telnet

I testing it again this morning it now works as I expected it to; going back to menu. I did make a configuration change yesterday afternoon to the serial port IP address. I had noticed the IP was being used on this CM and another network device. I am thinking this was causing the issue.

Thanks for your attention on my issue. Its one for the knowledge base.