SSH Key on Digi CM 48

I have a Digi CM 32 (old version) and a Digi CM 48 (new version)

I need to ssh (passwordless) to the digi CM unit.

On the Digi CM 32 old version,

I simply update the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2 with my public key and all works as expected.

However, on the new Digi CM 48 (Firmware 1.90) /root/.ssh is symlink to /tmp

root@isg-as:~# ls -la
-rw------- 1 root root 19 Jan 1 1970 .bash_history
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Jul 22 15:15 .ssh -> /tmp/.ssh/

and when I do create the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2 file, it does not work.

I’m shocked to find that basic functionality like this that exists in a previous version of this product range does not work out of the box on the new version ?

Another major problem is that I get the message “Port in use” a lot of the time and for some reason the device software does not detect that I have disconnected.

The old software says "in use by PID=XXX), which allows me to “ssh digicm32 kill XXXX” (passwordless) and that releases the port allowing me to reconnect.

The new DM 48 does not display this any PID information and so the only way to clear this error is to reboot the box every time! which is not good.

I’ve tried finding the process that holds the port, but this is not clear and does not seem to work anyway

for example,
115 root S /bin/vts.cport 1
116 root S /bin/vts.cport 1
118 root S /bin/vts.cport 1

shows 3 processes tied to port 1.

Also, is it possible to use the OLD Digi CM 32 firmware on the new Digi CM 48 device ?

I also noted the ssh key question has been asked already but the thead just stops.

Thanks in advance.

What CM firmware version is your old one running that is working? My guess is that it is quite old because for quite a while now we store the keys in ‘/tmp/cnf/.ssh’ with a format of “_auth_key2”. Try adding it there and running saveconf/applyconf.

We have no reported problems with ports not properly closing. To diagnose: What ssh client are you using? What do you do to disconnect? An ssh trace may help.

For port(s) you want to clear. Use the “portreset” cmd. To clear port 1 it would be “portreset 1”.

Also, to answer the firmware question:

No, it would not be possible to use CM32 firmware in a CM48 since the products use different firmware. It may be possible to use the same VERSION of firmware, but that firmware would have to be for the CM32, rather than CM48. The part numbers for the two firmwares are different.