SSH Key with System Admin


Is there a way to use SSH key-authentication for shell access ? I tried it for port access and it works fine but when accessing tcp-port 22 instead of 70xx the Digi refuses the key.


Sorry, there is no ssh-public key support for the shell. How many units do you have? How many will you have in the future?

The following knowledge base article outlines using ssh keys for direct access:

The procedure explained in that article works only for port access. I would like to use scp for automated configuration backups. To a achieve this i need direct shell access without entering a password.


At present we are using about 20 units of Digi CM 8, 16 and 32. Some more will follow. So it would be nice to be able to save the configs automatically.

I assigned case #1200949 for this. I will write this up for Product Mgmt to address.

Thank you!


What is the status on this? I have about 20 of CM 48s and this would be a great feature to have for automating my backups and such. Currently I am using an expect script and it is not cutting it.


This is fixed in our latest 1.9.0 release. This is available on our web at

I have been looking through the release information and on one of our consoles. I don’t see anything different in relation to this. Is there a Digi document that helps out on this process? My best guess is to generate elsewhere and copy over. How far is that from the way to get it to work?

Sorry, it should be in the firmware release notes located at the link below. However, I do not see it. It is fixed and tested in 1.8.0, we are currently at 1.9.0.