Random router dropouts or transmission disruption

Using series 2 pro modules with the latest firmware, we use a single master device with coordinator module and 1-40 routers throughout supermarkets. The master device attempts to communicate with each router in a sequential order say from router 1 to 40 then 1 again.
In most applications 1 or more routers communicate for a while without problem then simply stop transmitting. Hard reset brings it back online for hours to days then the same problem. Is this typical for the module? We have many built in resets including the UART and module for each as well as master commands to the router to reset.
Does anyone know what causes this random dropout and how to prevent it from occurring or at least how to create automated hard resets?

When you lose routers, do all drop out at about the same time or do just a few drop out?

same here. We’re using XB-PRO with API router firmware. Typical network consists of a gateway coordinator and 2 to 8 router nodes. Our application has the router nodes send unsolicited report to the coordinator periodically.
We’ve been getting quite a few failures where the router just stops reporting and require a reset to recover. I’m not ruling out an application bug just yet but your post is so similar that it’s worth exploring the connection…

There’s a considerable risk of me becoming boring here, but when I see posts in the series 1 forum that refer to routers, I always wonder whether the poster has selected the best forum. Series 1 modules (this forum) don’t do routing, so either you’re doing something clever that gives the same effect (yes, I can certainly believe it but please tell the rest of us how you’re doing it), or maybe you’re actually using series 2 modules. In that case, posting to a more appropriate forum might get more replies.

If you’re not sure, post the version number of the firmware you’re using. That should help us to help you.

Moved to this forum since Series 2 was referred to…

Please watch the OI parameter (operating 16 bit PAN ID) of the coordinator. I have had problems with it changing and I lost communications with the routers. If it is changing please post a message.