Range of input capture max_u_secs?

Is there data available on the range (maximum) of max_u_sec when setting up an input capture, and the corresponding accuracy? Can I set it, for example, to 60 seconds? If I do, what accuracy would I get? If there any way to handle overflows?

Data rate will depend upto operational baud rate of modules. Best way is to try out and observe.

Overflows can be handled by enabling Hardware Flow Control lines i.e. CTS and RTS.

WZ, I believe the answer is as follows:

The fourth parameter (max_u_secs) is a 32-bit integer which indicates the maximum expected time capture in microseconds. This is an important parameter because the timer’s clock source and prescaler are set according to this maximum. These settings are the read by function incapture_captcount_to_usec() to get actual time in microseconds.

Note, that I got this answer from the XBee SDK Help file.