RAS 4 & RelayFax

Hello all,

Which INIT-string and settings should I use with RelayFax 6 and Digi Acceleport RAS 4?



I don’t have any RelayFax specific suggestions for an AT command, since I don’t know the application.

Some more general things I can recommend is that the RAS4 uses a Rockwell-like AT command set, so if you have a choice of modem types and ours isn’t listed, chose a modem that uses the Rockwell chipset. Generic Rockwell might be listed, another I’m aware of would be the Multitech 5600ZDX.

The Acceleport RAS4 can support class 1, class 2, and class 2.0. Chose class 2 if you have a choice in the application. Other than that, the Acceleport RAS 4 can fax by default, so AT&F should work fine.