RCM 2260 total code anda total size?

Hello Everybody. I have heart someone that when you are debugging you can have problems if you exceed the limits of total code size and total data size (indicated at Window/Information)

But I have a problem: I don’t know the limits of my Rabbit, I don’t know where I can find it.

Can anybody tell me the limits of a RCM2260 with two flash memory? Or can anaybody tell me where can I find this information for any Rabbit core?

Thank you very much for all.

Hello leticia.diez,

          To know about the limits of the  Program and Data memory you just refer the documents to the RCM22XX. You can get those document in the following link,



Yes, there is where I found the information. Exactly in one of Dynamic C in chapter Tips and Tricks.

I’m very very busy in my job now and I only wanted to find the answer as sooner as posible. There are too many documents and too many pages where I could look for.

Just in case I write what I found: you can store 32K of data memory. And I understood that it doesn’t depend on the Rabbit Core

Anyway, thanks for all.


Hello again.

I have been much more calm these days and I have been checking what I found about Root code and data space and I have checked that what I found about 32k wasn’t the limit of code or data space but was the limit of arrays.

So my problem persists. I have been reading all documents and I have found the following:

  • in RCM2200 Getting Started, at Chapter 1.1 RCM2200 Description, that the RCM2250 has 512k of Flash Memory and 512k of Static RAM.

  • in R2000 User’s Manual, at Chapter 3.2.2 Extending Data Memory, the following text: “in the normal memory model, the data space must share a 64k space with root code, the stack and the XPC window. Typically, this leaves a potential data space of 40k or less. The XPC requires 8k, the stack requires 4k, and most systems will require at least 12k of root code.”

  • in R2000 Designer’s Handbook, at Chapter 10 Memory Planning, that it should be required for Root variables maximun of 48K of RAM

  • and in DC User’s Manual, at Chapter 18.3 Hints and Tips that you can use DATAORG to increase root code space or root data space.

And I can’t conclude what is the limit of the fields “Total Code Size” and “Total Data Size” shown in the infomation obtaind from Window in DC8.61.

One people of technical Support in Spain told me that I was having problems because I probably was exceding the Data size limits. So I would be very grateful if anybody can tell me the answer.

I hope having news soon.