RCM 4010 Clock setting

Hi ,
I use a RCM Module RCM4010.
I have a problem about speed of processor, defaul setting is CLK /8 for CPU and peripheral.
I use Dynamic C 10.54 but i don’t find the soluction for setting the processor on full speed.
I try to write register GCSR but any value that use the processor doesn’t run.
Something can help me?

Although the default on startup (i.e., processor reset) is Main Clock /8, I think you will find that the code in StdBios.c sets the clocks to Main Clock, so you really shouldn’t have to mess with it:

	ld	a, 00001000b	; normal oscillator, processor and peri.
				; from main clock, no periodic interrupt
ioi	ld	(GCSR), a

Thank for answer, now i have more clear the situation of clock setting.
Can you respond another question?
I have in my application an event on INT0 external interrupt, It is a AD converter ready.
I need to write a faster Interrup service routine in Dynamic C , the normal c code is slow , i must use assembler code.
Do you suggest a exemple to insert a interrupt assembler routine in dynamic c souce code?