I have a problem with the module RCM4010

When I read the port D, I always obtain 0xFF value, but I expect to obtain 0x00. Of course, I don’t have anything connected to port D.
I have the port D configured as input.

Anybody could post an example of configuring the port D as input, and how to read and store the result on a variable ?


The RCM40xx cores use 16 bit memory. This uses Port D as the second half of the data bus, so it is not available to use as I/O ports. If you look at the schematic for the RCM4010, it shows that the pins normally used on the header connector for PD0-PD7 on other 4000 based cores have been replaced by LN0-LN7. These pins are used on the RCM4000 core to bring in analog signals to the core’s onboard ADC, but the RCM4010 does not have the ADC and these lines are basically no connects.

Thank you, I could have solved the problem. I have moved all conections to PORT A.