RCM4000 A/D questions

I am new to Rabbit development, so I hope you might be able to assist me with a few newbie questions. I am using RCM4000 with the prototype board.

  1. It is nice that Rabbit provides support for data acq using Register Mode. Are there any samples of using Register Mode to control the A/D and get data from the A/D? Is using Register Mode faster than Direct Mode?

  2. Does the Rabbit support an interrupt driven mode of data acq? What I would like to do is setup the DAQ at some desired rate (for instance, �acquire data at 1kHz on the following channels�) and then, from the user application, read the acquired data from a buffer. Alternatively, after setting up the DAQ, can the system call an ISR when new data is available? Is anything like this available on the Rabbit, or is DAQ on the Rabbit exclusively a �polling� type system, where the user�s program needs to explicitly request samples on each channel?

  3. What is the difference between anaIn() and anaInDriver()?

  4. Is there any way to get a sub-millisecond time? MS_TIMER returns number of milliseconds; is there any way to get microsecond timing? I ask this because I want to acquire data at greater than 1kHz rate, and thus I need a time with better than millisecond precision.

Thank you very much!


Hello jpw3,

I’m using RCM4000 as well and I’ve noticed that you posted these questions on July 2009.

I’m really interested in your findings. Could you find the answers to your own questions?

Thank you!!