rcm4000 port E not responding???

I need to use port e bit 2 or 3 as open drain output. I use a modified ‘rcm40xx.lib’ to set ddr dcr fcr. I have 3000 ohm pullup to 3.3v on both pins of header on rcm4000. I watch with scope as a small test program toggles bits 2 and 3 from 0 to 1 to 0. The bit 2&3 pins remain at 3.3v throughout this.

The attachment ‘testPortE.txt’ is my C program.
The attachment ‘RCM40xxDSB.txt’ is my .lib file in the #use statement in the program.

I am not asking for help without many attempts to find my problem with the manuals and examples. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there is any document I can study, please let me know.

Thank you
Doug Basberg