RCM4010: How to set PortA as inputs?

It seems that brdInit() sets PortA to outputs.
How to I change the entire port to be inputs?

Per Section 5.2.1 of the RCM4000 User’s manual (http://www.rabbit.com/documentation/docs/manuals/RCM4000/RC4000UM.pdf), I tried this:
WrPortI(PADR, &PADRShadow, 0x00 );
BitRdPortI(PADR, 0)
always returns zero.
(also, the user’s manual says “PEDDR” instead of “PEDR”).

PA0 is being driven low - I have a pullup on it to 3.3v but my DVM measures 0v - so it would seem that BitRdPortI() isn’t lying.


I edit the brdInit() function in the library file for the changes I want to make, but it is also possible to use the Rabbit 4000 I/O LIB Utility. Regards.