RCM4000 state.c vs static.c on CELL PHONE

I’m trying to access my RCM4000 using my cell phone. I get it to work just fine with the sample program state.c. But when I try to implement static.c it doesn’t work. Both programs work on normal browsers like firefox.

I’ve captured both methods with ethereal. With state.c, everything works fine, request comes in the the “http” text goes out. When using the static.c file, it appears as thought the HTTP file never gets sent out from the server.

It looks like at the end of the headers the cell phone sends to the server it puts “Connection: close…” when using the static.c file, but it doesn’t send that when using the state.c file.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Worked on it some more and figured out I needed to increase the http_maxbuffer up from 256 since my cell phone sends a huge header.