RCM4300 MCS Megabyte Code Support ???


ZWorld released support for something they have trademarked as MCS (Megabyte Code Support). This is supposedly available for the RCM4300 Core Module and supported in the latest version of the compiler V10.21. I have the RCM4300 and compiler and here are some questions for anyone exploring this feature:

a) As a long time user of Dynamic C, I am supporting very large programs. I don’t know how many times I have poured over TN219-Root Memory Usage Reduction Tips, TN238-Rabbit Memory usage Tips, Forums etc. to find a way to squeeze the most efficient use of memory so as to avoid the compiler errors of “Not enough root memory space”. I can find very little documentation on this new MCS support. I have searched the rabbit4000 manuals and as usual the documentation on the memory map is “Mind Boggling Confusing”. It can be understood, but it will hurt your brain.

b) Suggestions: Can someone at ZWorld update technotes TN238 and TN219 and let us know how moving from the older core modules to the RCM4300 and MCS will aid in expanding the amount of memory available for root code?

c) Also, as a wish list for Dynamic C. It would be very helpful if someone at ZWorld could update the Compiler Memory Information Window to point out in a more understandable format what is going on with memory in the program.

d) Has anyone tried the MCS support and what are your opinions?


This is what I am looking for as well. I could no longer fit new code into the RCM3700 so we migrated to the RCM4300. I did not expect to get an “out of constant data space” error before adding any new features (other than now using a FAT files server instead of FS2).

The old RCM3700 app notes do not seem to apply as the names of the library files has changed and there are notes in the libraries that what once was used is now depreciated.:mad:

512K Code will not meet my requirements in the future.
Working with RCM4300 with MCS will solve the problem (hopefully).

How can I do a “field firmware update” for the RCM4300 with MCS?
Currently I’m using SHD “Resident Download Manager” with the RCM3365. But Scott is not able to offer a RCM43xx solution.

Is ZWorld working on a “field firmware update” solution for the RCM4xxx modules??

I have to made a decision within the next 3 month… otherwise I must use a embedded Linux solution for new projects.