RCM4310 SFLASH Questions

I have developed some code for the RCM4210 SFLASH and am in the process of porting this over to the RCM4310. The RCM4210 was straight forward using the SFLASH.lib library. Looking at the samples to gain access to the RCM4310 the library BOOTDEV_SFLASH.lib is used but locks out certain amounts of the SFLASH for SYSID/USERID blocks. I need ~.7MB in order to operate.

Can I someway bypass this and access the entire 4310 SFLASH as I did in the 4210, knowing the differences in SPI access between the parts?

Can I access the 4310 SFLASH as a FAT partition? The SD portion works as designed, but the driver for the 4310 is not included in fat_config.lib.

Any info would be appreciated.