RCM5400W - DHCP timeout not working?

Hi all,

This post is loosely related to my previous post regarding robust wireless networking using the RCM5400W. One potential fault case involves the wireless router not being on or being unavailable when the 5400 boots up. The system seems to block on the ifconfig(DHCP = 1) call indefinitely, until I turn the router on and the 5400 successfully acquires an IP address.

The logical way to detect this seemed to be using the DHCP_TIMEOUT parameter, so I could retry periodically and handle other tasks while waiting for the router to come up. However, even though I am setting the DHCP_TIMEOUT to 10 seconds prior to calling ifconfig(DHCP = 1), the system still blocks until I turn on the router.

Is my assumption correct on how DHCP timeout should work? I am checking the ifconfig return value to verify that the command completed successfully.