RCM5600W Backup Battery Circuit


I want to make RCM5600W backup battery circuit , I found that circuit on the RCM5600W user manual (page 119). I want to ask there are about resout pin. What does resout pin there, I did not find the resout pin on RCM5600W pinout.

Could I connect RESOUT pin to RESET_IN (pin 16 of RCM5600W) ? Thanks

If you look at the schematic for the RCM5600W you will see that all of this switching has been implemented on the module itself. All you need to do is connect a battery to the VBAT_EXT pin.


Based circuit on the Minicore RCM5600W User Manual (page 119) as follows:
VBAT-EXT connected to external battery 3V
VBAT-IO connected to VBAT_EXT pin of RCM5600W
RESOUT connected to /RESET_IN pin of RCM5600W

RCM5600W will get reset signal from RESOUT when external battery voltage drops below the voltage necessary for reliable operation. Its right ? Thank You.

All that is needed for the RCM5600W is to connect a battery to the VBAT_EXT pin. All the rest of the circuitry described on page 119 is already implemented on the RCM5600W so you don’t need to do anything else.

yes, you are right, after looking the rcm5600w schematic, I see… backup battery circuit already on rcm5600w, I only just need add external battery 3volt/165mA to VBAT_EXT pin.