/RESET and /RESET_IN on RCM5700

Hi All,

I am sorry if the following is a stupid question but I am not sure.

On the RCM5700 module there are /RESET (pin28) and /RESET_IN (pin 16) pins. Tooking a look at the electrical scheme of the module it seems that /RESET is the output pin of the reset generator placed on the module and /RESET_IN is the input.

On my application I think to use /RESET like the reset system and let /RESET_IN pin floating.

What do you think about?

Thank you in advance.

Depends on what you’re trying to do… If you want to force a reset, pull the /RESET_IN low. If you want to know when the system has been reset (to initialize your hardware), then use /RESET.


I want to provide a reset signal to the MCU.
So, why should I use the reset generator?

On my system I tie the /RESET signal high (using 1K resistor) and then I use
a switch to set low the line when I want a reset.

Is it?

The RCM5700 uses a MIC811 reset generator. This has active outputs and does not require a pullup resistor.

The main reason for using the reset generator is that it will give you a guaranteed minimum reset pulse width (140 ms), which will eliminate someproblems you might see with switch bounce.

Thank you for the info. I am performing some tests on this reset issue but there is something strange.

I will let you know if I found something.

Thank you.