RCM6700 CPU Usage

Is there any functions to determine the CPU usage on the RCM6000 series chips? Or any way to compute it?

What about memory usage? How much free memory there is available in RAM.

There is an example of this in the samples\ucos-ii\ucosdemo2.c program for programs running under uCos-II. You can only really do this in an RTOS type setup so that there is an idle task that runs when nothing else is happening.

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Thank you, I was hoping for something that could tell me a little more about how much my Dynamic C program was actually consuming of the processor resources (meaning how much idle time the processor actually had left while my program is running) but unless I’m missing something it does appear as if that does not exist!

You can only really measure idle time if there is an idle process which picks up “spare” CPU cycles. The actual loading placed on the CPU by your application (including the libs it calls etc) will only be apparent that way.
I’ve used uCos-II in my products (Rabbit 4000 based) and in the Rabbit BACnet Stack that I maintain (Rabbit 4000/5000/6000) but most of the time I haven’t needed to resort to checking the CPU usage.

The .org file will also give you information on memory used. Take a look at an Ask Larry article at the following link: