RCM6760 serial D,E,F 9600bps 8N2 ... first byte not generate 2 stop bit

RCM6760 UART bug: serial D E F : 9600bps 8N2
baud rate is ok.
first byte generate ONLY 1 stop bit.
after second byte generate 2 stop bit.

I think I see the error in RS232.LIB that causes this problem.

In spx_starttx(), it isn’t checking for the 2-stop-bits flag before loading the byte to send. Later, in spx_isr(), it checks that flag and correctly uses SxLR_OFS instead of SxDR_OFS.

I don’t have a system set up where I can test this code, but it should work. Just replace everything between .send and .exit in spx_starttx() of RS232.LIB with the following:

      jr    z, .normal_stop
ioi   ld    (iy+SxLR_OFS), L     ; send with an extra stop bit
      jr    .load_done

ioi   ld    (iy+SxDR_OFS), L     ; normal send



Please let me know if that works for you.

Tested and released on GitHub. https://github.com/digidotcom/DCRabbit_10/commit/c7d6a7ded4a3d78c6d38e77c08a8e55e52c5ed4c

hi tom,

I replace your code as you described…
your code fix the bug… :slight_smile:
the serial working 8N2 correctly.

thank you!

Hello, im trying to get rid of the start bit, anyone knows how to?

Please ask this as a new question in the forum, and include additional background information on what you’re trying to accomplish, and what you’ve already tried.