Re: Problem with starting dia on connect port x8.

I am getting a different error on x8 using a dia that worked fine on x4 (changed device refs in yml):

File “src\devices\xbee\common\”, line 135, in parse_dd
error: unpack str size does not match format

That line is trying to establish the module id, but the has no definition for the xbee version in x8 dev kit(24B vs 24ZB). Is this fixable? can I change all the radios in x8 kit to be ZB? (Moduleid 3)? Should I add another definition?
Any help much appreciated.

I have the same error. Did you ever find a solution?

What X8 firmware are you running?

What XBee firmware is in the coordinator?

Znet should work fine with the DD command - but older XBee firmware might return fewer bytes (my guess)

For example the old 0x1120 API Coordinator firmware shows the DD value as 16-bit, but 0x1147 ZNet API Coordinator shows it as 32-bit.

Thank you!

That did the trick!

I upgraded to ZB firmware on all RF modems including the gateway.