Realport driver and RedHat 8.6+ compile issue

Current realport driver (1.9-40) source does not compile with RHEL 8.6+ due to a change in a linux header file.

linux/sched.h changes:

volatile long state;


unsigned int __state;

Source files dgrp_common.c and dgrp_tty.c contain 7 reference to variable “state” eg:

current->state = TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE;

updated these lines to use set_current_state eg:


appears to work. Does this look like a good/correct solution?



Any idea when a new official driver from Digi will be available for 8.6+?


We are having this same issue. When is a new version of the firmware available that will provide a fix?

I can say that I used your change suggestions and built the driver and can successfully use the modem on a RHEL 8.6 system.