Receiving error "raise InalidOperatingModeException("Could not determine operating mode")

I am using the Digi Xbee-Pro 900HP modules to send information from a Raspberry Pi using Serial and GPIO. When using my python send script, the script works some of the time but other times it’ll give out the error “raise InvalidOperatingModeException(“Could not determine operating mode”)
digi.xbee.exception.InvalidOperatingModeException: Could not determine Operating Mode”
I’ve seen other examples of this error occurring and ways to fix it, however most of them involve the programmable modules where you can set them to bypass mode. However, with the non-programmable modules, I’m stuck as to where I would go or what I would do to fix this issue.

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We are having exactly the same, very frustrating problem in Digimesh. We are using Raspian Buster, Raspberry Pi 3B+ mounted on an ARPI600.

We are doing exactly what the tutorials call for and cannot get a consistent result. One boot will work, the serial port will open and the radios will mesh. Other times, the program will fail and will not work even in a loop.

It seems the technology simply does not work reliably on this configuration, and we do not know why. Setting to a bypass mode is unacceptable.