Recommend me a Antenna System for a High Altitude Weather Balloon Launch

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for an antenna system (both transmitter and receiver) for a hight altitude balloon project. The payload will be equipped with environmental sensors as well as GoPro Camera. We like to receive the real-time data from sensors and camera (pictures/video) on ground (stationary base station). The balloon is expected to reach heights up to 100,000 ft.

Please advise a circularly polarized (RHCP) antenna system that will work with our project.


What product

I am looking for a product that will fulfill my needs as I described them above.

Something I think you may not understand is your overall bandwidth requirements. You see you need to understand that Video requires large amounts of bandwidth. Generally Megabytes worth of bandwidth. (See

None of the Non Cellular products outside of a WiFi product is going to offer that kind of bandwidth. Even at that, WiFi is not going to offer you the kind of distances you are looking for.