Reduce Broadcast Radius XBee S2C


I am using two XBee S2C(XB24C family) with ZIGBEE TH Reg function set, and Firmware version 405F.
I have set both of them in API2 and Router role(CE = 0).
I am using Frame type 0x17 along with 64-bit destination address and IS AT command to read ADC1 value off the other XBee successfully.
Now, Even though I have set the following parameters to their minimum values, I am still able to read ADC1 value off the other XBee over 15 meters:
NH = 1, BH = 1, PL = 0, PM = 0 for both XBees.
I know it is an unusual question, but how can I reduce the communication distance to the minimum through Radio Configuration? I don’t want to use any shielding technique, but just a solution by making changes to Radio Configuration.


You can change the PL command to 0 and disable boost.

To reduce hops, set the BH and NH to 1.

That is exactly what I have done with both of S2C XBees, but damn they are strong! I can still send and receive messages over 40 meters indoor at lowest settings!
Thanks for your response

Your only other option at this point is to use an external anntinuator or a -db gain antenna.