xbee pro s2 low range


Sorry for my English.
I need help with my xbee+“arduino” project.
I have xbee pro s2 with u.fl connector.
I have problem with low range. Documentation say up to 1 km distance between two modules on open air.
I have only 100 m.
Please help me increase the distance.
I use 12v battery for remote module. And USB to base module.







How high do you have the antennas elevated?

In order to get 1km distance, you need to have a clear RF Line of Sight (no obstructions) and have the antennas elevated a combined height of around 8m.

You can find out more in the “Maximizing Range” article here: http://ftp1.digi.com/support/images/XST-AN010a-MaximizingRange.pdf

Antenna of the base is up ower ground 2 m. Remote module antenna - just 0.10-0.30 m. It is impossible get antennas more hight.
As max I need stable signal of 500 m.