xbee pro s1 range problem

hi everyone. i know this question had been asked million times but i could not find proper information anywhere.

i have two xbee pro s1 modules and i am not be able to communicate each other more than 10 meters. all power config set up highest and treshold value min. but transmitter one spend only 60 ma. according to datasheet it should be about 200ma. is there anybody to know something about this problem and how can i improve range.

i checked digi’s documentation out and just i need to another information from people who had know something about xbees. thanks

Hello, maybe you can test xbee pro s1 outside,it will a long range.
I test the xbee pro s1 modules which are RPSMA antenna indoor,when no antenna(2.1dbi), the range about 7 meters and through a wall.
connect the antenna, the range about 25 meters and through 2 walls. then through more than 2 walls, it will lost many package.

What was the test environment like? Were you out doors and at what height was the antennas held? Was there any obstructions between the two antennas? What is the full part number of the modules in question?

I am test in the office, there are a lot of rooms, and I had not test outdoors, the module just on the desk, the part number:XBP24-ASI-001 revF

What you are running into is normal as different materials absorb the RF signal at different rates. The more materials between the antennas the less of a signal there is to get through. This results in a reduction in range. This is why any company that cares such as Digi will always state that all ranges are up to distances and not guaranteed.