Range problem


  1. i am using as xbee pro s1 as the coordinator and xbee s1 as end device
  2. both device are in enclosed with different cases and inside of the encloser their is Li-ion battery.
  3. while i am try to send data from xbee pro s1 to s1 is getting but while i am try to send s1 to pro s1 its not receiving any data.
  4. even inside room also i am getting not more than 3 meters
  5. Both modules are in API 2 mode, even data transfer through pro s1 to s1 also some packets are missing

What happens if you take your Non PRO module out of the case? Are you then able to get more reliable data communications? Which antenna version of the Non Pro are you working with?

if i take non pro module out of the case also i am not able to get reliable data communication.
the type of antenna i am using wire antena

Is the antenna perpendicular to the module or it is bent over?