Xbee pro only giving very low range! Help!

i have three Xbee Pro modules. I am trying to implement a point to point communication.

Data is coming Ok. But range seems to be very poor. only 100 m line of sight.

Can you suggest me the best practices in placing the modules and hardware so that maximum range can be achieved.

This module is with a small whip antenna on the board itself.

Thank you please help

Roy Thomas

I think that was a stupid question - No responses so far.

Suppose I want to use one module as a repeater in between two modules - is it possible?

In that case How should I load the addresses into modules using PC software?


Hi RoyMicro,

This is a decent question. Off the top of my head I don’t see how you’d only get 100m range line of sight. what kind of environment are you in? inside or out? You should position the whip antennas so that they are parallel to each other. You should also make sure that the module isn’t inside a metal case.

It might be helpful to show us pictures of the module mounted on the PCB. It might also help to see how you are determining that communication is failing. Getting the module settings (*.pro file) as well would be good. You can do that with XCTU -> modem settings -> ‘read’ button then ‘save’ button.

Thanks for the response.
Right now I am not in possession of that hardware, but I will update soon with photographs.

Ok that antennas need to be parallel. For example Mount both modules flat on the PCB and PCB s flat on ground is ok.

No metal casing - good info for me. I was planning to place it in a box!

Actually I made a Microcontroller board and Xbee Pro is connected to it (PIC16F628A) with 4 lines. VCC, GND, Din and Dout. From my tx unit I send a byte every 500ms and the receiver will blink an led at the receiving of this byte. I placed this tx unit on a window in my road side office room and walked through the road with rx on hand. Vehicles are going round. somewhere around 100 meters the led blink will become unstable. this was my set up.

Regarding the addressing - I understand, in the software “destination address” is where the byte send from this module will reach. But which is the address on this module?


Roy Thomas