Range of XBee Pro RF module


I am working on XBEE RF module and it’s not giving the range as mentioned in the datasheet. I just move out of the room and stops getting data.

If there’s some hurdle like wall, then the range got even lower. So, what’s the solution? How can I increase its range. Can I use copper wire to increate the length? I am going to design its multilayer PCB so adding antenna won’t be an issue.


What is the environment you are working in and what range are you now getting?

What is the full part number for the XBee you are working with?

What country are you in?

I am using XBee S1 Pro and I am using CXtu software to communicate with them.

Why you are asking for the country? The last time I checked, RF works the same for all counrties.

Then I will assume that you are running a product that is not approved for use in that country.

What are your walls made from? Are they wood 2x4’s with drywall or are they stucco with wire mesh?