Very very low range with XBee-Pro 900HP

Hi, I’ve had these modules for about a week, but only got around to testing them properly these past couple days. I was going to go out and do a range test to check see how far I could get them to communicate, but I can’t even get them to transmit (one using loopback on the grove dev board) across more than a half meter! I’ve switched out antenna for both LTE Swivel Blade Dipole antennae and some trace antennae with similar results. I’ve switched out grove boards and XBee modules with factory default settings and I’m still only seeing transmission across about a half meter range with complete line of sight. How is this possible? Is there anything I’m not considering?

Sound like your antennas are the issue. Ive tried a few different antennas with the XBee-Pro 900HP and it sometimes will completely drop packets with certain antennas. Even while right next to each other.